Discover the first AI powered sales coaching tool for salespeople

Tracy AI helps salespeople to identify their strengths and development areas, makes constructive feedback a daily routine, and guides them towards a more systematic and high-performing sales behavior.
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Tracy AI helped me to focus on the most important daily activities. I experienced Tracy as a valuable tool for getting feedback on my own behavior. The training sessions gave me a possibility to reflect on how things are going and how I feel.

– Hanna. O. B2B Sales Consultant

Sales coaching with Tracy AI was fun and useful. We actually copied a bunch of Tracy’s questions and ideas that we are going to use across our organization’s internal coaching even outside the sales department.

– Minna V. CEO & Startup Co-Founder

Why Tracy?

Most salespeople know what they should do in sales, but they rarely manage to do those things systematically in their actual daily sales behavior. For this reason increasing sales knowledge via sales training classes or video-courses has a very limited effect on the actual sales behavior change.

Most salespeople are also able to describe their weak-points, but very few are able to actually change their behavior accordingly without someone or something actively reminding and motivating about that positive behavior change.

Tracy AI is an intelligent and motivational tool that makes it easy, fast, and fun to reflect on their own sales behavior and ultimately to actually change it for better.

Tracy AI’s benefits for salespeople

-Helps to identify overall sales strengths and development areas

-Helps to find blind spots that are otherwise hard to notice

-Makes constructive feedback a daily routine

-Guides salespeople towards a systematic and high-performing sales routine

How does it work?


Chat with AI powered Tracy in popular conversational channels like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype or Facebook Messenger. It’s super easy and there is no need for new App downloads


Tracy engages with salespeople in daily coaching sessions of about 2-5 minutes covering relevant sales topics that are developed in collaboration with leading Sales Coaches


Tracy analyzes and reports the discussions and shows insights like sales strengths and improvement areas.

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