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Meet Tracy AI, the sales coach powered by artificial intelligence. Tracy AI helps salespeople to stay on the path of constant learning and improvement.
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Tracy AI made me to really focus on the most important daily activities. I experienced Tracy as a valuable tool for getting feedback on my own behavior. The training sessions gave me a possibility to reflect on how things are going and how I feel.

Sales coaching with Tracy AI was fun and useful. We actually copied a bunch of Tracy’s questions and ideas that we are going to use across our organization’s internal coaching even outside the sales department.

Why Tracy?

Most of the sales training on the market fails on the crucial factor of BEHAVIOR CHANGE. Studies show that salespeople forget 79% of the content of any sales training 30 days after the event. That’s money, time, and effort wasted.

Secondly, Sales Directors lack the crucial time needed for helping and coaching their salespeople on the job. Of the responsibilities of a Sales Director about 85% is related to coaching their salespeople but only 10% of Sales Directors’ time is used on this. They simply do not have the time for it!

What we do at Tracy AI, is to give salespeople an intelligent tool that makes it easy, fast, and fun to reflect on their own sales behavior and ultimately to actually change it for better. While doing this we help Sales Directors to get an overview on their team’s insights which improves your internal sales coaching sessions.

How does it work?


Salespeople chat with AI powered Tracy in your company’s favorite conversational channels like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype or Facebook Messenger. It’s super easy and there is no need for new App downloads


Tracy engages with salespeople in daily coaching sessions of about 2-5 minutes going over 45 relevant sales topics that are developed in collaboration with leading Sales Coaches


Tracy analyzes the discussions and finds insights like sales bottlenecks, improvement areas, and feedback for your sales process. Salespeople get a personal report and Sales Directors get an overview on how to help their team

It’s hard to find a sales coaching partner who can match Tracy AI:


24 / 7

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